26-27 June 2015 in MADRID

A unique opportunity to discuss professional perspectives and enhance​ the involvement of young CP professionals in EACPT and National Societies activities.


Core competencies in Clinical Pharmacology (CP) education are well established but poorly
harmonized within European National training programmes. At the same time, opportunities
for career development in CP differ to some extent in different countries in Europe. Important concerns regarding pregraduate and postgraduate training need to be raised by CP trainees and addressed in a collaborative approach.
Answering to this emerging call for action, the EACPT has decided to organize a pre-Congress Meeting to stimulate the international exchange of experiences and collaboration of CP trainees (CPTrs)  and senior members of the Association, in a bilateral dialogue. CPTrs will be the main actors of this approach, whereby making their voices audible and addressing their main concerns on CP education and career development.
Young CP professionals are invited to join a pre-ECPT Congress meeting in Madrid on 26-27 June to discuss and agree on key issues for the future of CP and their career development. Aspects such as Education, Professional development, Enhancing the role of young professionals at the societies level and Stimulating professional exchange and mobility will be the core topics of the meeting.
This initiative is supported and hosted by the EACPT, with the aim of fostering the integration of CPTrS in new working groups and activities in the sinus of the Association.
This initiative will be a unique opportunity to:
  1. Make a joint discussion on hot topics in CP between Senior and Junior members of the EACPT, making our voice audible, and acquiring a relevant role in the activities of the European Association.
  2. Optimize networking, interaction and connection between CPTrs  in a joyful and distended environment to further their professional development.

Every professional of Clinical Pharmacology (medical residents, pregraduates, postgraduates, doctorates, post-docs…) in their first years of training and professional development will be invited to join this brand new initiative.




As a first and unique opportunity to discuss this relevant issue in a collaborative approach, overall representativeness is of utmost importance. Therefore, although a preliminary list of topics for discussion is presented hereby, all interested professionals are invited to submit their opinions and suggestions for the final agenda, considering the main concerns they want to discuss at the meeting.

Registration will be free. Apart from the scientific interaction on Friday and Saturday morning, a CPTr Networking Event will be held on Friday evening. This dinner will be partially funded by the EACPT.

Friday 26th
Block 1
Clinical Pharmacology Education across Europe.
-Presentation of the results of the online survey
-Working groups
Invited EACPT Senior Leaders: Robert Likic Discussion

Block 2
Block 3

How to make the voice of CP trainees audible: EACPT and National Societies Invited EACPT Senior Leaders: Tabassome Simon and Gonzalo Calvo

CPTr NETWORKING EVENT (Registration needed)

Saturday 27th

Block 2
Professional career development
Invited EACPT Senior Leaders: Ylva Böttiger and Cristina Avendaño

Block 4
Networking and mobility. Fostering connection between European CP trainees. Brainstorming and Joint Initiative.
Invited EACPT Senior Leaders: Donald Singer  and Caridad Pontes


On Friday evening there will be a CPTr NETWORKING EVENT. This informal dinner will be supported by EAPCT, so the personal contribution will be limited to 10 € per person. 

*The Pre-Congress Meeting is free of charge, but you need to confirm your place during the registration process.



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