EACPT 2015 - Why You Should Attend

Why You Should Attend EACPT 2015

The European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (EACPT) includes all national organisations for clinical pharmacology in Europe.  This broad range of knowledge and outreach enables each EACPT congress to provide an unparalleled educational forum where you will learn about the newest developments, innovative techniques, and advanced practices in topics such as drug discovery, drug development, pharmacology and pharmacotherapy. 

Set in beautiful Madrid, Spain from 27 – 30 June, 2015, the Congress gives you the unique opportunity to network with and learn from top ranking global specialists in pharmacology and pharmacotherapy.

Attend EACPT 2015 for the:

  • Diverse group of international delegates including health professionals, clinical and life scientists, policy makers, and professionals from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities
  • Sessions on hot topics such as translational medicine and pharmacogenetics, advances in personalised diagnostics to improve the safety and effectiveness of medicines, therapeutics of cardiovascular, cancer and inflammatory disease, clinical trial design and regulation, drug safety and toxicology, clinical trial design and governance, health policy and safe prescribing
  • New research on biological approaches to disease and other current issues
  • Broad spectrum of specialties to learn from, including basic to clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, from drug discovery to regulatory affairs 
  • Experience Madrid and the surrounding area with its many parks, 6 UNESCO Heritage sites, world famous museums and cosmopolitan atmosphere

These reasons are only the beginning of what makes EACPT 2015 the only international address for clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.  See you in Madrid!​

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