EACPT 2015 - Welcome


Dear Colleagues,

The 12th Congress of the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (EACPT 2015), taking place 27-30 June 2015 in Madrid, Spain, will be a major opportunity for clinical pharmacologists, from Europe and from all around the world to meet and discuss hot scientific topics of interest for the scientific community and for society in general, as well as key professional issues essential for the enhancement of our career development.

We are preparing a top-notch scientific programme that will review the most important aspects of our discipline, from clinical research to patients' care. We intend to make EACPT 2015 a forum for intense debate participated by clinical pharmacologists, other medical specialties and, in general, any healthcare professional with interest in a wide spectrum of topics related to drug development and patients' care. It is also our aim to engage patients in our discussions, thus recognizing their growing role in the discussion of healthcare and drug-development and drug-access policies.

Guided by the motto EACPT as the Driver of International Networking in Clinical Pharmacology, there will be dedicated sessions to plan and reinforce the role of EACPT and its National Societies to promote networking initiatives amongst clinical pharmacology professionals. Our EACPT Congress in Madrid 2015, organised in close collaboration between the EACPT and the Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology (SEFC), intends to be the crystallization of this initiative and serve as a visible platform to establish paths of collaboration and networking, eventually leading to strengthen the impact of our discipline across Europe and making EACPT the common house of European Clinical Pharmacologists and a worldwide reference for professionals in the field.

The EACPT and the SEFC want this Congress 2015 to be the kick-off of a new era, which projects us to the future with confidence and enthusiasm, through a participative open-minded project. Thus, we are not only inviting you to come to Madrid, we are encouraging you to join this common project, where not only every national society, but every single person involved in this area can make a difference.

We look forward to welcoming you to the enchanting city of Madrid in June 2015!

Gonzalo Calvo
EACPT 2015 Co-Chair
Chair of EACPT

Antonio Portolés
EACPT 2015 Co-Chair

Cristina Avendaño

EACPT 2015 Scientific
Committee Chair

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