Grants & Fellowships

Grants & Fellowships

EXTENDED DEALINE: April 10 2015​

The European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (EACPT 2015) calls for a competition to obtain one of the 40 fellowships of attendance to assist at the 12th EACPT Congress to be held in Madrid, June 27-30, 2015. ​ ​
The EACPT offers:
• 40 grants of 500 euros

Deadline for submission of applications:
April 10th 2015


  • An abstract submitted to the 12th EACPT Congress, 2015 as a first author (presenter). The abstract must have been accepted during the evaluation.
  • The applicants have to be registered to the Congress
  • For the Spanish applicants  the EACPT grants CANNOT be cumulative to the SEFC (Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology) grants
  • The grants will be delivered to the contractors directly at the Congress through a personal check. 


Points that will be taking into account:

  • Age, job related with the clinical pharmacology and therapeutics area, ease of other funding sources.
  • Those applications from professionals with a pharmacological and therapeutic orientation or from developing countries will be evaluated preferably.


Amount of Grant:
The EACPT will be responsible for the payment of 500€  to the successful contractor. 

Application Procedure
Submit written request (free text in Word document) accompanied by filiation and workplace, as well as the reasons that justify the request to [email protected] (subject of e-mail "Grant Application").

Deadline: April 10th​ 2015.

The awarding of grants is the responsibility of the Congress Organization Committee and shall be communicated to the winners within one week after the above deadline date.

​SEFC Fellowships​

​Please consult the grants of the SEFC (Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology) at​​ 

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